Gateway Gazette 8.6.2021
Posted on Aug 6th, 2021

Fitness Center
We FINALLY have a repaired and functioning air conditioner in the Fitness center. I apologize again for the delay in the repair, but we finally received the part to complete the repair. With that, PLEASE ensure the doors remain closed so the fitness center will remain cool. Additionally, a third-party company inspected all fitness equipment, and all came back in good working order.
Pool Clarification
As you may have seen, the pool designations have changed to clear any misunderstandings of pool facility accessibility. The Fair Housing Act does not allow for the restriction of access to amenities based on familial status. Therefore the enforcement of an “Adults-Only” pool would open the association to violation of that federal statute. I understand the naming of the pool previously would create some confusion, so we took the opportunity to change it to “Lounge Pool.”
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