Gateway Gazette 3.15.2019
Posted on Mar 29th, 2019

Spring Projects
Spring is almost here, and many of you may be thinking about projects and improvements you'd like to make to your home or yard. As a reminder, all modifications that are visible from any public location require approval from the ACC. Visit the Gateway Parks Association website to read the community requirements and access the ACC application. For questions regarding submission, please contact the Community Manager.
Q2 Assessments Due April 1
April 1 marks the start of the second quarter, and the due date for the Q2 assessments. You should be getting your statements in the mail by the end of the month. If not, you can request a copy of your statement by calling CCMC's corporate accounting office at 888-257-1388, or contact the Community Manager to request your account balance and payment options. As a reminder, if you have signed up for automatic payments through Union Bank, please make sure you are checking your bank account to assure the payment is made on time, as their auto-payment system does expire, and we want to be sure to avoid any unnecessary late fees.
Click Here to view payment options.
All of the recent rain has brought on the weeds in full-force this year. If you’re noticing a yard full of weeds, visit your local lawn and garden store to pickup some pre- and post-emergent treatments. Pre-emergent helps to prevent future weeds, while post-emergent treats weeds that have already made their way through your yard. If you’re struggling to get your weeds under control, we recommend consulting with a landscaping professional to determine what options are best for you and your yard.
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