Gateway Gazette 3.1.2019
Posted on Mar 8th, 2019

Automatic Payments
If you have signed up with the online UnionBank payment center for automatic payments, please be aware that these auto-payments do expire after a set period of time. CCMC offers a Direct Deposit option where you can signup for automatic payments that do not expire until they are cancelled. Please click HERE to download the Direct Debit form.
If you need any assistance with filling out the form, please contact me. *Note: if you choose to use UnionBank’s automatic payment options, please be sure to check your bank account to assure the payment is being withdrawn each quarter.
Amenity Center Progress
We’re well on our way! The management team will begin moving into the Amenity Center on Tuesday, March 5 to prepare for the Grand Opening. We are very excited to get everything ready for you all to enjoy! If you need to meet with Shonna prior to the Grand Opening on March 16, please be sure to set up an appointment by phone or email, since construction work is still on-going and the Center is not yet ready for visitors.

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