Monthly Book List

"I think reading is part of the birthright of the human being."
LeVar Burton
April 2021 Book Recommendations
Title: The Rose Code
Author: Kate Quinn
Summary: 1940. As England prepares to fight the Nazis, three very different women - vivacious debutante, Osla; imperious, self-made Mab; and shy, brilliant Beth - form a bond when they answer the call to Bletchley Park to train to break German military codes. But war, loss, and the impossible pressure of secrecy will tear the three apart. 1947. The three friends-turned-enemies are reunited by an encrypted letter--the key to which lies buried in the long-ago betrayal that destroyed their friendship. A mysterious traitor has emerged from their past, and now they must resurrect their old alliance and crack one last code together. But each petal they remove from the rose code brings danger--and their true enemy--closer. -
Title: Influence
Author: Sara Shepard
Summary: After her family moves to Los Angeles, Delilah Rollins, already a minor Internet celebrity, plunges into the competitive and glamorous world of social media influencers, but can cosmetics and good lighting conceal cheating, manipulation, blackmail, and murder? - Follett
Junior High
Title: The Canyon's Edge
Author: Dusti Bowling
Summary: One year after her mother died in a random shooting, Nora and her father go hiking again for the first time. It’s something they used to do as a family, but it’s hard to feel like a family without mom. As they explore a slot canyon, a sudden downpour creates a rushing river that separates Nora and her father. She doesn’t even know if he’s still alive, but she knows she has to find him. It will take all her skills to survive alone in the desert as she battles the elements and her PTSD from the day of her mother’s shooting. - Lone Star Reading List, TLA
Upper Elementary
Title: Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky
Author: Kwame Mbalia
Summary: Tristan Strong feels anything but strong ever since he failed to save his best friend Eddie when they were in a bus accident together. But on his first night at his grandparents' farm, a sticky creature shows up in his bedroom and steals Eddie's notebook. When Tristan chases after, he finds himself in the middle of a battle that has left black American folk heroes John Henry and Brer Rabbit exhausted. In order to get back home, Tristan and these new allies will need to entice the god Anansi to come out of hiding. Can Tristan save this world before he loses more of the things he loves? - From the publisher
Title: Louis
Author: Tom Lichtenheld
Summary: Louis the teddy bear can’t bear it any longer! He’s been treated as a hankie, a pillow, a snack, and was even made to be an accessory to a crime. Just as he is ready to leave the scene, he suddenly realizes the power of love. - 2x2 Reading List, TLA